2 Pack Louisville Slugger WTLW7MI13A16 32 MLB Select Maple Wood Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger

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The Louisville Slugger Select models are created with Series 7 wood. This wood is cut from the top 15% of wood that is harvested by Louisville Slugger and passes their quality standard testing. All Select models will come bone rubbed to compress the grains for maximum hardness. Additionally, the cupped end on the Select models guarantees a dense piece of wood while improving the balance for ultimate control. This 2017 Select model features a I13 turning model. It all begins with Louisville Slugger's densest starting billet that provides dependable hardness and exceptional durability. A large barrel, a standard handle, and the max knob taper offer the ultimate feel that contributes to both power hitters and contact hitters alike. WOOD BAT POLICY: WOOD BATS CARRY NO WARRANTY OR IMPLIED GUARANTEE AGAINST BREAKAGE. BREAKAGE IS A NORMAL PART OF USE AND IS AS LIKELY OT HAPPEN WITH IN THE FIRST FEW SWINGS AS IT IS ON THE 1000TH SWING IF A BALL IS HIT OFF THE WEAK PARTS OF THE BAT. HITTING WITH WOOD BATS REQUIRES PLAYERS TO HIT THE BALL PROPERLY ON THE CORRECT PART OF THE BARREL AND WILL DEVELOP PROPER HITTING SKILLS. IF YOU ARE CONCERNED WITH BREAKING A BAT PLEASE CONSIDER ONE OF THE MANY COMPOSITE WOOD BATS ON THE MARKET. THEY DO NOT REQUIRE THE SKILL THAT REAL WOOD BATS DO BUT ARE MUCH MORE FORGIVING FOR BAD HITS ON THE HANDLE AND END OF THE BARREL AND GENERALLY COME WITH A 30-90 DAY WARRANTY.

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