All-Star CPCC40PRO 16.5 Adult System 7 S7 Axis Chest Protector SEI/NOCSAE Various Colors


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Patent Pending chest panel for improved protection. Wedged abs for improved blocking and ball control. Moldable PE plates in the shoulders and throat. Diamond vented back side for weight reduction and breathability. Stainless steel matte black hardware. Thinner, more form-fitting Delta Flex harness for enhanced fit and comfort. All-Star has developed chest protectors which are certified by SEI to meet the new NOCSAE standard for protection again commotio cordis. This rare, but very dangerous condition can result from a blunt impact to the chest causing cardiac arrest. Products that meet the new NOCSAE standard have been shown to significantly reduce the risk of this occurrence. NFHS will require use of certified chest protectors starting January 1, 2020 and adoption dates by other leagues are still pending.

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