All-Star LG30WPRO 16.5 In Adult System 7 Leg/Shin Guards S7 Baseball Various Col


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16.5 Inch size is the standard adult leg guard size. Super lightweight, breathable, and durable, these leg guards are designed to fit great, take abuse, and be super comfortable. Large perforated padding and vented shins help the player's legs breathe.

The DeltaFlex™ harness pre-crosses the straps to keep the back of the knee free and prevent the leg guards from shifting

The adjustable D3O® knee pad and ergonomic shin pads help keep knees healthy and eliminate bruising

The full wrap around shins and triple knee design cover all the gaps preventing any foul tips or spikes from making direct contact

CLEANING: Scrub down in the tub / Cold water / mild detergent / air dry

Recommended for Professionals, College, and High School Catchers

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