DeMarini WB571080 Voodoo XL Bat Pack Baseball Player Backpack Bag Various Color


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The DeMarini Voodoo XL Backpack is designed for players who love options. An expanded main compartment fits your helmet, glove and gear comfortably. A pair of molded neoprene bat sleeves allows you to take two of your favorite sticks with you wherever you're headed - and the bag is designed to hold a third bat if needed. Hang your arsenal from the dugout fence with a durable J-style hook, store your valuables in a fleece-lined pocket as you take your full arsenal on the go this season.

Main compartment fits helmet, gloves and gear
Two molded barrel lock neoprene perforated bat sleeves
Fleece-lined cell phone pocket
Removable decoration panel
Two durable J-style fence hooks
Composite treated waterproof base material
Padded shoulder straps and back paneling
Equipment strap to carry your helmet, glove or protective gear outside of your bag
Thermal pocket for your drink or gametime snack

Product SKU(s) WB5710801, WB5710802, WB5710803, WB5710804, WB5710805, WB5710806
Baseball Bag Type Backpack
Bag Dimensions 12.5” W x 13.25” D x 22.50” H

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