EvoShield WTV2044 Protective Sliding Wrist Guard Baseball/Softball Runners


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Carry over your protection from the batter's box to the base paths with the EvoShield Sliding Wrist Guard. Built with the base stealer in mind and designed to fit MLB athletes' preferences, the Sliding Wrist Guard helps prevent breaks, jams and hyperextensions when risky slides are necessary. With stabilization on both the top and bottom of the wrist and an adjustable elastic band, the Sliding Wrist Guard will fit securely to any size wrist and will take any base runner's skills and confidence to a whole new level.

Stabilization on both top and bottom of wrist, providing extra protection
Adjustable elastic band
Made of neoprene material for increased comfort and mobility
S/M - up to 7" wrist circumference
L/XL- greater than 7" wrist circumference