EvoShield WTV3200 NOCSAE Safety Chest Guard Commotio Cordis Shirt Youth or Adult


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Designed to meet the new mandatory NCAA and NFHS guidelines, the EvoShield NOCSAE® Certified Protective Chest Guard and Shirt is designed for athletes of all ages who want unrivaled protection without sacrificing mobility or performance.
Unlike other cumbersome chest protectors designed to meet the NOCSAE® Chest Protector Standard for Commotio Cordis, our protection is an easy-to-wear compression shirt that features a removable guard. This guard is made of SAS-TEC™ material created specifically to absorb impact - while giving athletes an ergonomically contoured fit on the field.Don't worry about purchasing new sets of catchers gear to meet these new standards. Simply put on the EvoShield NOCSAE® Certified Protective Chest Guard and Shirt under your favorite gear - then hit the field knowing you've got the game's best protection.

SLEEVELESS COMPRESSION SHIRT with built-in pocket for protective NOCSAE® Certified Chest Guard; guard is removable for washing
TWO PIECE COLLAR AND SIDE MESH PANELS for comfort and breathability
MACHINE WASHABLE FABRIC: 85% nylon and 15% spandex
SEI CERTIFIED PRODUCT: This chest protector is certified by SEI to meet NOCSAE® standard for protection against commotio cordis