Lefty Rawlings PRO716SB-18CAN 12" Heart Of The Hide Flag Fastpitch Glove Canada


  • $199.95

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Limited Edition Heart of the Hide Flag Collection Series
Specifically Designed For Elite Female Softball Players
12.00 Inch Glove Size
Conventional Open Back
Deer Tanned Cowhide Plus Palm Lining Provides Exceptional Protection
Heart of the Hide Soft Leather Shell Is Cut From Top 5% Of Rawlings' Hides
Narrow Fit Design Creates A Better Feel For Smaller Hands
71 Pattern
Padded Thumb Sleeve
Plush, Full-Grain Finger Back Lining Provides Unbeatable Feel & Fit
Double-Laced Basket Web
Recommended For Infield & Pitcher
Tennessee Tanning Company Rawhide Laces Add Structure & Strength

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