Marucci MCGCPM2-Y Mark 2 Chest Protector 12" Youth Ages 9-12 Various Colors


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Youth size chest protector, 12" in length
Newly designed abdominal section comprised of a precision-angled padding construction provides a form-fit for comfort, mobility, and little to no movement when in action
Over-shoulder harness design provides a secure, ergonomic fit for added comfort and support
Three-way strap system with silicone-molded strap organizer places straps at the correct angles for proper pull and easy adjustment
Asymmetrical shoulder protection with left and right removable shoulder pads provides custom fit protection
Energy-absorbing memory foam with PE reinforcement keeps blocked pitches close and minimizes feel of impact
PE throat guard and increased collar area offers greater neck protection
Removable hook-and-loop groin guard and durable plastic waist strap clips for easy attachment and removal

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