SSK SCLONE Clone PX 90 Alloy BBCOR HS/NCAA Minus 3 Baseball Bat


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The first ever SSK BBCOR certified aluminum bat released in the US. The SSK Clone delivers high-end alloy durability and performance disguised as a wood bat. The Clone is not only visually striking, but it offers the premium performance and feel that elite game-changers demand. Forged from Aerospace Grade PX90 Alloy, you can also expect seasons' worth of lasting durability. The classic, one-piece alloy construction ensures that every ounce of energy you create with your swing is sent straight to the baseball. And with a centralized sweet spot, the Clone will help all types of hitters generate better swing speeds and through improved balance.

One-Piece, Fully Alloy Construction
Simulated Wood Grain Graphics
-3 Length to Weight Ratio
BBCOR Certified - Approved for High School and Collegiate Play

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